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October 11th 2020 Race Results (YMCA)

4 Lane Track   Pro Stock- Logan Ruszczyk (Hot Wheels) Cadillac Escalade EXT (Blue). Stock Eliminator- Bill Hicks (Mattel) Fast and Furious Mustang (White). A Stock- Bill Hicks (Hot Wheels) 2010 Ford Mustang GT (Gold) with FTE Wheels. 2 Lane

The 2020 Points Chase

The 2020 Points Chase will officially start in October in the following classes. Hot Wheels Stock Matchbox Stock Pro Stock Stock Eliminator Super Stock Johnny Lightning Stock

September 13th 2020 Race Results (YMCA)

4 Lane Track   Pro Stock- Logan Ruszczyk (Hot Wheels) Coupe De Ville (Grey/Purple). Stock Eliminator- Bill Hicks (Mattel) Fast & Furious Maserati (Green). A Stock- (August Make Up) Cameron Daly (Hot Wheels) Honda Sprocket with FTE Wheels. A Stock-

Kids Division, Sportsman Division,Monster Truck, Feature Race classes

The Board and Race Committee will soon be making a decision on the rest of the year (2020) to bring back the following classes. Kids Division, Sportsman Division, FR, and Monster Truck. This will not be an easy decision if

A Stock and Feature Race making a return in September

We will be bringing our A Stock class back in September and we plan on running right through till the end of the year. The Feature Race will most likely only run in September with our OLDEST Feature Race of

August 9th 2020 Points Classes (YMCA)

Pro Stock- Jamie Hutt (Hot Wheels) 1957 Convertible Vette (Orange). Stock Eliminator- Wilson Otero (Racing Champions) Dodge M80 Concept Truck. Matchbox Stock- Bill Hicks Datsun 300ZX (Black/Yellow). Hot Wheels Stock- Tim Daly Ford Taurus #10 Tide NASCAR (First win in

July 12th 2020 Points Classes (YMCA)

Pro Stock- Cameron Daly (Johnny Lightning) 1950 Oldsmobile 88. Stock Eliminator- Zachary Dorr (Johnny Lightning) 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T (Black). Matchbox Stock- Jamie Hutt 1970 Boss Mustang (Coca Cola) Hot Wheels Stock- Cameron Daly Ford Taurus NASCAR #8 Circuit City.

June 13th 2020 Points Classes (outside)

Pro Stock- Logan Ruszczyk (Hot Wheels) Hummer (Quik Trip) Stock Eliminator- Zachary Dorr (Mattel) Fast & Furious 69 Ford Mustang Fastback Matchbox Stock- Wilmer Otero 1970 Ford Mustang Boss (Yellow #28) Hot Wheels Stock- Bill Hicks Pontiac #44 NASCAR Super

April/May/June Points Classes run in June as a make up

Not the NORM at all! The club is running just its points classes in June to make up the last three months of points classes at the President of the clubs house outside until we hopefully can get back into

April 2020 Points Classes (Make Up) Run on June 7th 2020 (outside)

Pro Stock- Jamie Hutt (Hot Wheels) 57 Corvette (Grey/White) Convertible. Stock Eliminator- Wilson Otero (Mattel) 70 Ford Escort (Fast & Furious). Matchbox Stock- Bill Hicks Nissan 300 ZX (Red/Yellow). Hot Wheels Stock- Michael Dean Fry Ferrari F40 (Red with gold