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Diecast Jam 7 set to kick off on July 23rd and 24th 2022

The LJLRC is getting ready to host another annual DJ event in late July at the MacColl YMCA Gymnasium located at 32 Breakneck Hill Rd in Lincoln, RI. As always there will be plenty of fun things for all to

Bill Hicks is our Inaugural NASCAR Winner on 2/13/22

Out of just over 100 NASCARS that showed up on February 13th 2022 Bill Hicks by far had the fastest one of the day if not possibly for the year! Bills #44 Pontiac Grand Prix set a track record of

LJLRC Fantasy League Champion

It was an interesting month with it all coming down to Richard Stone, Nick Deavers in a dead heat tie and Cameron Daly in second place. Cameron Daly ended up coming from behind to knock off Richard Stone to tie

2021 December Finals Race Champions

Congratulations to our 2021 Race Class Champions. Johnny Lightning Stock Champion- Cameron Daly Super Stock Champion- Cameron Daly Hot Wheels Stock Champion- Jim Leichsenring Stock Eliminator Champion- Zachary Dorr Pro Stock Champion- Mike Paquette Rip and Race Champion- Dave Houle

Zach Dorr 3X LJLRC Cup Champion

On Sunday December 12th Zach Dorr took out all the competition in our December Finals to cement his legacy with the LJLRC as a 3X Cup Champion. Zachary has now won double the amount of Cups that anyone else in

Al Houle and Jerry Morelle win big at the 2021 Pontiac Celebration 9/18/21

Al Houle wins his first ever trophy at the Pontiac Celebration beating out Zach Dorr for the win in the Pontiac Class while Jerry Morelle, which is no stranger to winning at the PC wins the Open Class with his

The LJLRC Purchases brand new 4 lane track

On Monday August 23rd 2021 the LJLRC purchased a brand new 4 lane track through Derby Magic. We are very excited to debut this track hopefully in October for the following race classes. A Stock, Pro Stock, Rip and Race,

Diecast Jam 6.5 2021 was a success!

With the cancellation of Diecast Jam 6 in 2020 due to the pandemic just gave us more of a reason to make DJ 6.5 2021 that much better for our charities and the collectors that attended. The saying on the

The December 27th Finals were a success!

On Sunday December 27th we finally got our racing in for 2020 with a very exciting and successful Finals! There will not be any racing in January instead we will race January/February in February.

Congratulation to our 2X Champion Zachary Dorr!

On December 27th Zach Dorr put his name in the History books with the LJLRC as the first racer ever to win a 2nd Championship Cup. Zachary won Super Stock with a real fast Hot Wheels King Kenny Funny Car