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Jon Soffa from Colorado runs a blistering 2.156 in lane 1 in our brand new Time Attack Modified class last Sunday becoming the first to run such a time.

Inaugural Race Classes prove to be great on the 14th!

Ron Fletcher, Bradley Stewart, and Callum Decker win our Inaugural Pro Stock, A Stock, and Rip & Race classes on January 14th. These 3 classes will be great in 2018!

January 14th 2018 Kicks Of A Brand New Racing Season!

Sunday January 14th 2018 will be the start of a brand new racing season! The slate is wiped clean and its time to start all over leading up to the 2018 December Finals Championship. Get your cars ready!!!

Dave Antonelli is our 2017 LJLRC Fantasy League Race Champion

Dave Antonelli and Curtis Shaffer race off in New Jersey in a Tie Breaker Race with Dave Antonelli winning a best out of three race over Curtis Shaffer to take home the Hardware.

Dave Antonelli and Cameron Daly 2017 Points Champions

Congratulations to our 2017 Points Class Champions! Dave Antonelli wins Stock Eliminator and Matchbox Stock. Cameron Daly with Hot Wheels Stock, Super Stock ,and Johnny Lightning Stock.

Keith Sprauer Takes His First Championship Cup

The 2017 Cup is making way to the Pacific Northwest (Oregon) this year as Keith Sprauer (K&O Racing) won his first Championship with a Fast Coke Cola Studebaker Pickup Truck White Lightning. Congratulations Keith on your Big Win!!!

Kendall Brown dominates in November in Stock Eliminator Class

Kendall Brown from Philadelphia takes out the competition in November to put himself within a point against Dave Antonelli going into the December Finals. December is going to be very interesting especially in Stock Eliminator with Dave holding on by

Cameron Daly Clinches Super Stock Points on 11/12/17

Cameron Daly is your 2017 Super Stock Points Champion after having an excellent month of racing in November. Cameron will be raising the Super Stock Points Hardware in December at the Finals.

Rubber Tire Class Starting in 2018!

The Race Committee voted in favor of starting up an Any Brand Rubber Tire class in January 2108. This will most likely be running on the 4 lane track and will be a points class.

Sportsman moving to the 2 lane track for 2018!

Starting in Jan 2018 our Sportsman Division will be getting a fresh new look when it moves over to our 2 lane track and also will become a full time Points Class after the Race Committee voted for it on