Fastest Rip and Race Champion- Dave Houle (Hot Wheels) Bentley Continental GT3 (Forest Green).
Fastest A Stock Champion- Liliana Ramian (Hot Wheels) John Deere Ford Taurus #97 NASCAR.
Fastest Pro Stock Champion- Mike Paquette (Hot Wheels) 57 Corvette Convertible (Grey/White).
Fastest Feature Race Champion- Cameron Daly (Tiger Wheels) 2002 Ford Crown Victoria San Sebastian Police Car.
Fastest Stock Eliminator Champion- Zachary Dorr (Matchbox) Datsun 280ZX Black,Yellow,Orange tampos (Small hub wheels).
Fastest Super Stock Champion- Cameron Daly (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Van Cut Rate Movers (Gold).
Fastest Johnny Lightning Stock Champion- Cameron Daly 69 Spiderman Camaro.
Fastest Lightning Fast Champion- Liliana Ramian Johnny Lightning 69 BWF Camaro #3

Fastest Car Of The Year Champion- Zachary Dorr Matchbox Datsun 280ZX (Black,Yellow, Orange tampos with small hub wheels)