January 12th 2020 Race Results


4 Lane Track


Kids Division- Jake Mencarini (Matchbox) BMW Series Coupe (Grey).
Sportsman Division- Josue Franco (Hot Wheels) Jaguar XJ220 (Yellow).
Monster Truck Class- Zachary Paquette (Hot Wheels) Bone Shaker (Blizzard Bashers).
Stock Eliminator- Zachary Dorr (Johnny Lightning F64) Mustang Mach 1 (Red).
Pro Stock- Logan Ruszsyzk (Hot Wheels) Cadillac Escalade EXT (Team Baurtwell) (Brown).
A Stock- Jim Leichsenring (Hot Wheels) 2005 Dodge Viper with FTE Wheels (Blue/White).
Rip and Race- Callum Decker Batmobile (Chrome).


2 Lane Track


Hot Wheels Stock- Wilmer Otero Mirada Stocker (yellow) #10.
Matchbox Stock- Zachary Paquette 56 Ford Pickup (Maine).
Super Stock- Zachary Dorr (Hot Wheels) King Kenny Bernstein F/C.
Johnny Lightning Stock- Wilson Otero 69 Camaro SS Spiderman (White Lightning).
Lightning Fast- Wilson Otero (Hot Wheels) Noodle Head (Green) (Fastest Car Of The Year winner).
Feature Race- Cameron Daly (Hot Wheels Character Car Race) Iron Man Car.