Board Members

Jeremy Morin
President – (The President presides over each meeting. It is the President’s responsibility to assure that the meetings are conducted in an orderly fashion)

Ken Dorr

Vice President – 
(The Vice President presides over the meetings in the absence of the President. He/She also welcomes new visitors and new members informing them about the club)

Jeremy Morin

Treasurer –
(It is the Treasurers job to manage the clubs check book as well as to write checks to cover expenses.

  Cliff Barratt  (Board Member)  Board Members will oversee these two positions.

Secretary –
(It is the Secretary’s job to keep minutes of the monthly meetings each and every month)

  Cliff Barratt (Board Member) Board Members will oversee these two positions.

Quartermaster –
(The Quartermaster is responsible to oversee the orderly conduct of those in attendance at all club functions and monthly meetings)