Kids Class Champion- Amber Dunn (Matchbox) Chevy SSR (Blue).
Amateur Class Champion- Jake Morin (2x Champion) (Hot Wheels) #45 Chevy Monte Carlo NASCAR.
Feature Race Champion- Jim Leichsenring (Hot Wheels) Mercedes Station Wagon. (Out Of State)
Matchbox Stock Champion- Zachary Dorr Ford Transit Connect (Taxi).
Hot Wheels Stock Champion- Jim Leichsenring Red F40 Ferrari with 3 spoke gold wheels. (Out Of State)
Any Brand Diecast Champion- Cameron Daly (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck. (Monopoly Series)
Forever 64 Champion- Dave Antonelli 71 Dodge Challenger Matte Black.
Johnny Lightning Stock- Tim Daly 71 Dodge Challenger R/T (Purple).
Lighting Fast King Of The Hill Champion- Keith Sprauer (Johnny Lightning) Black With Flames Camaro.

FASTEST CAR OF THE YEAR CHAMPION- Tim Daly  (Johnny Lightning) 71 Dodge Challenger R/T (Purple)