August 20th 2023 Race Results

4 Lane Track

Kids Division- Hunter Lemire (Hot Wheels) Cadillac Escalade V16 (Black) (First win with club).
Rip and Race- Jeremy Morin (Hot Wheels) EV I Pace Jaguar.
A Stock- Dave Houle (Hot Wheels) 71 Camaro (Red).
FTE/High Speed Wheels- Zach Dorr (Hot Wheels) What-4-2 (Red).
Feature Race- Ray Baek (Convertible Race) SC Cobra (White).

2 Lane Track

Hot Wheels Stock- Cameron Daly Castrol GTX (John Force F/C).
Stock Eliminator- Zach Dorr (Matchbox) Nissan 250 ZX (Red/Yellow).
NASCAR Class- Logan Ruszczyk (Hot Wheels) #44 Pontiac Grand Prix.
Johnny Lightning Stock- Cameron Daly Chevy Spiderman Camaro (Red).
Lightning Fast- Bill Hicks (Johnny Lightning) BWF Camaro.