Kids Division- Max S. (Hot Wheels) Screamin Hauler (Purple) (First win with club).
Sportsman Division- Jayden Z. (Hot Wheels) Cadillac V16 (Grey with Bling wheels).
Feature Race- Andrue S. (Indy Car Race) (Hot Wheels No Fear Indy Car).
Matchbox Stock- Bill H. Dodge Charger with Superfast wheels (Black).
Hot Wheels Stock- Jim L. Ferrari Testarossa (Black with Gold Lace Wheels) (Out of state mail in).
Any Brand Diecast- Tim D. (Johnny Lightning) Dodge (Cut Rate Movers) van.
Forever 64- Tim D. 68 Shelby GT500 Mustang (Gold).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Tim D. Pontiac Grand Am (Stars and Stripes series).
Hot Wheels Monster Truck Class- Andrue S. Bone Shaker.
Lightning Fast 1- Bill H. BWF Camaro #2.
Lightning Fast 2- Tim D. (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Spiderman Van.
Modified Class- (Hot Wheels Delorean Race) Chris T.
Hot Wheels Bull Whip Race- Zachary P. (First win with club).