Kids Race- Paul S.  Hot Wheels 68 Ford Mustang (Green) (First win with club)
Feature Race- (Batmobile Race)- Tim D. Original Batmobile (FTE Wheels)
Matchbox Stock- (Points Class)Alex N. Laser Wheels Datsun (Black) (Forfeited)
Any Brand Diecast-(Points Class) Matthew C. Hot Wheels Blue Plymouth Arrow Funny car (Hot Ones Series) (First out of state winner)
Forever 64-(Points Class) Cameron D. Chevy Panel Ambulance (Green)
Johnny Lightning Stock-(Points Class) Alexis G. Cadillac Escalade (Clue Series)
Amateur Race- Dylan H. Hot Wheels 71 Dodge Demon
Drag Car Challenge- (Redlinederby race) FC Division #11 Plymouth Arrow- Pro Stock Division #40 Camaro