Stock- Cascis M.- BWF Camaro #1A (Johnny Lightning)
Real Wheels- Cascis M.- Hummer H2 (American Glory series) (Johnny Lighnting)
All Out Die-Cast- Mark Scop.- Datsun 280zx Matchbox laser wheels
Feature Race- (Zingers Race)- Jordan G.- TBird Convertible
Kids Race- Cascis M.- Chevy Silverado Pickup #5 (Monopoly series) (Johnny Lightning)
Altered Class- Cascis M.- Chicago 17 (Hot Wheels Nascar

First quarter Finals Winner (Kids Race) for Jan, Feb, March, Cascis Mitchel- Hot Wheels F40 Ferrari #8

A new track record was set at our April meeting with Cascis M. and Jerry M. They both set a new track record by running
221.1 with Johnny Lightning Black w Flames Camaro’s. This record will be tough to Beat!!! Both these records were
set  in both lanes.