4 Lane Track


Pro Stock- Liliana Ramian (Hot Wheels) Cadillac Escalade EXT (Orange/Black) (First win with club).
A Stock- Wilson Otero (Hot Wheels) 65 Mustang Fastback (Grey with FTE Wheels).
Rip And Race- Wilmer Otero (Hot Wheels) Retro-Active (Red) (First win in class).
Feature Race- Luke Cook/Jamie Hutt (Tag Team Matchbox Race) 93 Ford Mustang LX Police Car.

2 Lane Track


Hot Wheels Stock- Wilson Otero #28 Nascar Ford T Bird.
Stock Eliminator- Zachary Dorr (Matchbox) Pontiac Firebird (Halley’s Comet).
Super Stock- Zachary Dorr (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Spiderman Van (White Lightning).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Jeremy Morin Ford Thunderbird Stock Car (Ruffles).
Lightning Fast- Liliana Ramian (Johnny Lightning) BWF Camaro #4 (First win in class).