The BIGGEST races of the year will be kicking off in less than one month (12/8/19). These are by far our biggest
and best races of the year with all of the classes battling for that #1 spot which is to win and hoist the CUP at the
end of the day. Last year we witnessed for only the second time in our Finals history of a NON Johnny Lightning
casting winning it all with Zachary Dorr winning with a MATTEL Fast & Furious Maserati Ghibli taking the top
spot. There are lots of great fast cars going for the top spot on December 8th so we will soon find out who will
hoist the cup and what casting, a JL, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Mattel, or a Non brand like Racing Champions?
I want to wish everyone that is racing in the Finals along with our points leaders the best of luck!



Jeremy Morin

Founder/President of the LJLRC