Kids Division- Jude C. (Hot Wheels) Symbolic (Grey) (First win in class).
Sportsman Division- Jayden Z. (Hot Wheels) Pontiac Nascar #44.
Feature Race- (Christmas Car) Jamie H. (Johnny Lightning) Coke Cola Santa Ford LTD (White Lightning).
Matchbox Stock- Dave A. BMW Coupe (Matchbox 2000) (Grey).
Hot Wheels Stock- Jamie L. F40 Ferrari (Red with gold 3 spokes) (Out of state mail in).
Any Brand Diecast- Tom W. (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Spiderman Van.
Forever 64- Dave A. 1950 Chevy Panel Delivery (BF Goodrich).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Brendon P. 69 Camaro (Spiderman) (First win in class).
Hot Wheels Monster Truck Class- Tom W. Mohawk Warrior (Purple) (First win in class).
Lightning Fast 1- Zachary D. Black with Flames Camaro (First win in class).
Lightning Fast 2- Zachary D. (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Van (Cut Rate Movers).
Lightning Fast King Of The Hill- Jerry M. (4th quarter winner) Black with Flames Camaro #17
Modified Class- Fantasy Vehicle Race (Ground FX) Jon S. (Out of  state mail in).