Johnny Lightning Stock- (Points Class)- Dylan L. Dodge Boogie Van (Grey)
Forever 64-( Points Class)- Cameron D. 68 Ford Mustang GT-500 (Gold)
Any Brand Diecast- (Points Class)-Tim D. Chevy Boogie Van (Parts and service)
Feature Race- (Tandem Race)- Cameron D.  Chevy Silverado with Bass Boat trailer (Bassin Series)
Kids Race- Christopher D. Hot Wheels Cord
Special YMCA Race Winner- (Matcbox Terrain Trouncer) Elizabeth B.
JL Fantasy League 2012 Champion- Tom Wright
Top Sportsman Series 2 Winner- (Best Of Three) Carl O. Chrysler 300
Fastest Kids Race 2012- Alexis G. Tiger Wheels Chevy Pickup Truck
Fastest Johnny Lightning Stock 2012- Alexis G. Chevy Boogie Van (Light Blue)
Fastest Forever 64 2012- Cameron D. 1950 Chevy Panel Truck (Metro Police)
Fastest Any Brand Diecast 2012- Ken C. Hot Wheels Redline Sidekick (Antifreeze)

Fastest Car Of 2012 Champion- Alexis G. Chevy Boogie Van (Johnny Lightning) (Light Blue)

Points Champions:
Johnny Lightning Stock 2012 Points Champion- Dylan L.
Forever 64 2012 Points Champion- Tim D.
Any Brand Diecast 2012 Points Champion- Zachary D.

Congratulations to all our 2012 Race/Points Champions.