Kids Division- Lennon  Leduc (Hot Wheels) School Bus (Gray).
A Stock Class- Jim Leichsenring (Hot Wheels) Chrysler 300 with FTE wheels (Out of state mail in).
Rip & Race- Jake Mencarini (Hot Wheels) Star Wars Praetorian Guard Car (First win with club).
Pro Stock Class- Jayden Zolli (High Speed) Fire Truck Pumper.
Feature Race- (Tractor Cab) Cliff Barratt (Hot Wheels) Big Rig (White Action News) (First win with club).
Hot Wheels Monster Truck- Nick Delima Avenger (Green).
Matchbox Stock- Jayden Zolli 56 Ford Pickup Truck (Maine) (Green).
Sportsman Division- Jamie Leatherwood (#44 Hot Wheels) Pontiac Grand Am NASCAR (Out of state mail in).
Stock Eliminator- Kendall Brown (Mattell) Fast & Furious 56 Ford Victoria (Out of state mail in).
Hot Wheels Stock- Jamie Leatherwood F40 Ferrari Red with gold ultra hot wheels (Out of state mail in).
Super Stock- Cameron Daly (Hot Wheels) Funny Car (Kenny Bernstein).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Bonnie Daly 69 Chevy Camaro (Spiderman) (Red) (First win in class).
Lightning Fast 1- Zachary Dorr Black With Flames Camaro.
Lightning Fast 2- Keith Sprauer (Johnny Lightning) Coca Cola Studebaker Pickup Truck (Out of state mail in).
Hot Wheels Mini Monster Truck Race- Kyle Morin Grave Digger.