Kids Race- Jimmy M. Rescue Ranger Splatter paint series (Hot Wheels) (First win with club)
Feature Race- (Chevy Race) Alexis G. Chevy Spiderman Van (Johnny Lightning)
Matchbox Stock-(Points Class) Alexis G. Mercedes AMG Red (Laser Wheels)
Any Brand Diecast-(Points Class) Alex N. 69 Chevy Camaro Spiderman (First Win With Club) (Forfeited)
Forever 64-(Points Class) Bill H. 71 Chevy Camaro spoiler (First win with club)
Johnny Lightning Stock-(Points Class) Alexis G. Dodge Spiderman Van
Amateur Race Class- (Inaugural Race) Dylan H. 2005 Ford Mustang FTE wheels. (First win with club)

Fastest Time record was set in our Matchbox Stock Class with (Albert N.) setting a record time of 2.237 with his Datsun 280 Z (Laser wheels) The original
record was 2.258 by Zachary D.