Kids Division- Kylee H. (Hot Wheels) Screamin Hauler (Pink) (First win with club).
Sportsman Division- Kendall B. (Hot Wheels) Land Rover MK (Smiths Electric) (Out of state mail in).
Feature Race- (Two seater race) Zachary D. (Johnny Lightning) Ford GT (Grey).
Hot Wheels Monster Truck  Class- Andrue S. Samson Truck.
Stock Eliminator Class- Dave A. (Johnny Lightning F64) Dodge Challenger (Black).
Hot Wheels Stock- Cameron D. Land Rover MK (Smiths Electric).
Matchbox Stock- Bill H. Superfast Ford Lightning Pickup Truck (White).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Keith S.  69 Chevy Camaro (Spiderman) (Out of state mail in).
Super Stock- Keith S. (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Van (Spiderman) (Out of state mail in).
Lightning Fast 1- Cameron D. BWF Camaro #
Lightning Fast 2- Keith S. (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Challenger (Purple) (Out of state mail in).
Modified Class- (Featherweight Race) Jon S. (Hot Wheels) Bullet Proof (Out of state mail in).
Special Race- (National Federation Of The Blind RI) Audra J. (Maisto) Ford Focus.