Kids Class- Sadie D. (Hot Wheels) Dodge Charger SRT8 (Yellow).
Amateur Class- Kyle M. (Hot Wheels) 2005 Ford Mustang GT FTE Wheels (Maroon).
Feature Race- (Station Wagon Race) Jim L. (Hot Wheels) Mercedes 300 (Corgi casting) (Mail In).
Matchbox Stock- Zachary D. Ford Transit Van (Yellow Taxi).
Hot Wheels Stock- *
Any Brand Diecast- Zachary D. (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Van (Cut Rate Movers).
Forever 64- Dave A. 68 Shelby GT-500 (Zamac).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Tim D. 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T (Red) from the Mopar Or No Car Box Set.
Monster Jam- Jake M. Mohawk Warrior (Regular version).
Lightning Fast #1- Jerry M. BWF Camaro #17.
Lightning Fast #2- Zachary D. (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Van (Cut Rate Movers).
Redlinederby Pony Wars series- (Traction Event) #6 Camaro
Racer Of The Month- Zachary D. Matchbox Stock, Any Brand Diecast, Lightning Fast #2.


* (Car was disqualified)