4 Lane Track


Pro Stock- Dave Houle (Hot Wheels) 32 Duesenberg (Yellow/Black).
A Stock- Josh Mitchell (Hot Wheels) Formul8r (Purple with FTE Wheels).
Rip and Race- Bill Hicks (Hot Wheels) Roadster Bite (Green/Yellow).
Feature Race- Logan Ruszczyk (Jeep Race) Jeepster (Black) (Make up race from January).
Kids Division-  Ben S. (Hot Wheels) Cord (Maroon) (First win with club).

2 Lane Track


Hot Wheels Stock- Dave Houle Big Rig (Black with saw blade wheels).
Stock Eliminator- Bill Hicks (Mattel) Fast & Furious Mustang (White).
Super Stock- Josh Mitchell (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Boogie Van (White with stripes).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Jerry Morelle Olds Toronado (Stars and Stripes).
NASCAR Class- Tim Daly #10 TIDE Ford Taurus.
Lightning Fast- Zachary Dorr Johnny Lightning BWF Camaro #