Kids Class- Brady H. (Hot Wheels) 2010 Chevy Camaro SS (Maroon) (First win with club)

Amateur Class- Kyle M. (Hot Wheels) Ballistik (High speed wheels)

Feature Race- (Mudder Tire Race) Dave A. (Matchbox) Ice Cream Truck

Matchbox Stock- *

Hot Wheels Stock- (Inaugural Race) Jim L. F40 Ferrari (Red with 3 spoke wheels) (mail in)

Any Brand Diecast- Cameron D. Chevy  Silverado Pickup Truck (Monopoly) (Johnny Lightning)

Forever 64- Cameron D. Ford Shelby Mustang (Gold

Johnny Lightning Stock- Tim D. Dodge Challenger R/T (Purple)

Monster Jam Race- Jake M. Mega-Wrex Truck

Lightning Fast 1- Tom W. Black With Flames Camaro # 8

Lightning Fast 2- (Inaugural Race) Tim D. Johnny Lightning Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck #3

RedlineDerby- Sedan Shootout #75 Car 



* (Car was disqualified)