Kids Class- Caleb  (Hot Wheels) Sho-Stopper (First win with club) (Four Lane Track).
Amateur Class- Ethan C. (Hot Wheels) Land Rover (Smith Electric) (Four Lane Track) Four Wide.
Feature Race- (NHRA Race) Jamie H. Hot Wheels John Force F/C (Pro Curcuit Wheels).
Matchbox Stock- Dave A. Rolls Royce (Gold) (Original Superfast).
Any Brand Diecast- Jamie H. Matchbox Datsun 280zx with laser wheels (Red).
Forever 64- Dave A. 1950 Chevy Panel Delivery (BF Goodrich Blue and White).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Tom W. Dodge Spiderman Van (White Lightning)
Lightning Fast- Jerry M. Johnny Lightning BWF Camaro #3
Out Of State Shootout Class- Jim L. 2003 Chevy Corvette Convertible (Miss Scarlet Clue Series) (Illinois).