Kids Division- Jake Mencarini (Hot Wheels) Dodge Concept (Orange) (First win in class).
A Stock Class- Jim Leichsenring (Hot Wheels) Speed Bump (Teal).
Rip & Race- Zachary Paquette (Hot Wheels) Zombot (Pearl Red) (First win in class).
Pro Stock- Ron Fletcher (Hot Wheels) Big Mutha (White with flames).
Feature Race- (Backyard BBQ Race) Mike Mackay (Hot Wheels) Street Weiner (First win with club).
Hot Wheels Monster Truck- Cameron Daly Monster Mutt Dalmation.
Matchbox Stock- Wilson Otero Porsche 928 (White/Blue) (Valvoline) #28.
Sportsman Division- Jamie Leatherwood (Hot Wheels) Nascar McDonalds #97 (Out of state mail in).
Stock Eliminator- Zachary Dorr (Johnny Lightning) 53 Chevy Panel Police.
Hot Wheels Stock- Cameron Daly Huffman Chevy Stocker.
Super Stock- Cameron Daly (Hot Wheels) Redline Noodlehead (Red).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Zachary Dorr Coca Cola Studebaker Pickup Truck.
Lightning Fast 1- Zachary Dorr BWF Camaro.
Lightning Fast 2- Cameron Daly Matchbox Disney Tour Bus 2008.

Banger Track Race- Jim Leichsenring (Run Watcha Brung Race) (Hot Wheels) Bonneville Bullett F/C.