Kids Division- Lucas M. (Hot Wheels) 07 Chevy Tahoe (Rescue).
Sportsman Division- Martin H. (Hot Wheels) Cadillac Escalade (Black) (Mail in racer) (First win with club).
Feature Race- Jeremy M. (Zingers Race) Chevelle (Blue/Pink).
Hot Wheels Monster Truck Class- Tim H. ZOMBIE (Mail in racer) (First win with club).
Stock Eliminator- Kendall B. (Mattel) Fast & Furious 70 Dodge Charger (Grey) (First win in class).
Hot Wheels Stock- Cameron D. F40 Ferrari (Yellow with 5 spoke wheels).
Matchbox Stock- Dave A. Nissan Z (Black).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Zachary D. 69 Camaro (Spiderman).
Super Stock- Zachary D. (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Spiderman Van (Blue).
Lightning Fast 1- Cameron D. BWF Camaro #FOTF Camaro.
Lightning Fast 2- Cameron D. (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck #Graduation Silverado.
Modified Class- Jon S. (Johnny Lightning) Stilletto (16 months in a row).
Racing To Recovery Mopar Race- Alexa (Hot Wheels) 69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee (Grey)