Kids Division- Maddy M. (Hot Wheels) T-Bird Stocker (Bright Yellow Green) 3 spoke wheels (First win with club).
Sportsman Division- Jayden Z. (Hot Wheels) Rescue Ranger (Yellow Fire Dept. tampos).
Feature Race- (Tri Five Race) Bill H. (Hot Wheels) 57 Chevy (Purple with saw blade wheels).
Matchbox Stock- Bill H. (Nissan 300ZX Red and yellow).
Hot Wheels Stock- Matt C. (Nightstreaker Purple with Ultra Hot Wheels) (Out of state mail in).
Any Brand Diecast- Matt C. (Hot Wheels Redline Noodlehead Red) (Out of state mail in).
Forever 64- Dave A. 1968 Chevy Camaro (Red).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Zachary D. (Coke Cola Studebaker Pickup Truck).
Hot Wheels Monster Truck Class- Cameron D. Mohawk Warrior (Regular Version).
Lightning Fast 1- Jerry M. #17 BWF Camaro.
Lightning Fast 2- Keith S. 1970 Dodge Challenger (Purple) (Out of state mail in).
Modified Class- (GM Race) Jon S. (Hot Wheels) Cadillac V16 (Ran a track best in Modified 2.184) (Out of sate mail in).

Banger Track Race Winner- (Bang What Ya Brung Class) Cameron D. Hot Wheels Sol- Aire (Purple).
Banger Track Race Winner- (Jr. Banger Class) Shawn H. Hot Wheels Rescue Ranger (White) (First win with club).