On Sunday December 11th 2022 the LJLRC will be debuting the Hall Of Fame Honors to notice club members
from past to present. This will take the place of the Club Member/Members Of The Year Award. This will Honor
people/members that really stand out for different things such as, Volunteering their time, Things one has done
over the years to make an impact/impact’s with the LJLRC, etc. The plan will be to have a plaque made with two
or three names added each December and those special people will be noticed for the great things they have
accomplished over the year/years with our club. With that being said, we are going to add two names to start off
the 2022 LJLRC Hall Of Fame Class.


Ken Mowbray- Class Of 2022

Mark Harrison- Class Of 2022


Both Ken and Mark have been noticed for their extreme passion and true dedication for the LJLRC over the year’s. Ken
and Mark will always be remembered for everything they did to make the LJLRC what it is today. I will be selecting two
or three more names that will be added to the Class Of 2022 in December. I really feel that it is important for people
to be noticed for things they have done with making our club the BEST around!





Jeremy Morin


Founder/President Of The LJLRC