4 Lane Track


Kids Division- Zoey Hutt (Hot Wheels) Nerve Hammer with( FTE Wheels) (Red).
Sportsman Division- Will Machado (Hot Wheels) Mad Evil with (FTE Wheels) (Blue/Orange).
Pro Stock- Ron Fletcher (Hot Wheels) Plymouth GTX (Black/Red).
Monster Truck- Andrue Santos (Hot Wheels) Samson.
Stock Eliminator- Zachary Dorr (Johnny Lightning) 67 Mustang (Silver).

New 2 Lane Track


A Stock- Bill Hicks (Hot Wheels) Speed Bump with (FTE Wheels).
Rip And Race- Derek Camille (Hot Wheels) Overboard 454 (Christmas Edition).

2 Lane Track


Hot Wheels Stock- Eddie Stewart Ferrari F40 (Yellow with 5 spoke wheels).
Matchbox Stock- Wilson Otero 1956 Ford Pickup Truck (Maine).
Super Stock- Zachary Dorr (Hot Wheels) Castrol GTX F/C.
Johnny Lightning Stock- Wilson Otero Coke Cola Studebaker Pickup Truck.
Feature Race- (Toppers Race) Jeremy Morin Custom Continental (X-Men).
Lightning Fast 1- Zachary Dorr Black With Flames Camaro #2
Lightning Fast 2- Zachary Dorr (Hot Wheels) King Kenny F/C.

King Of The Hill first quarter winner- Zachary Dorr (Hot Wheels) King Kenny F/C.