4 Lane Track


Kids Division- Zoey Hutt (Hot Wheels) 40 SOMETHN (Black with flames).
Sportsman Division- Johan (Hot Wheels) Chrysler 300 with FTE Wheels.
Pro Stock- Zachary Paquette (Hot Wheels) Cadillac Escalade EXT (Team Baurtwell) Brown.
Monster Truck- Callum Decker (Hot Wheels) Avenger (Green).
Stock Eliminator- Wilson Otero (Disney) Maleficent Car.

New 2 Lane Track


A Stock- Wilson Otero (Hot Wheels) Ballistik (Green).
Rip And Race- Logan R. (Hot Wheels) Slide Kick (Blue/Yellow).
Mothers Day Race- Jenn (Hot Wheels) 68 Mustang (Red).


2 Lane Track


Hot Wheels Stock- Wilmer Otero Ferrari F40 (Yellow).
Matchbox Stock- Wilson Otero BMW Z3 (Red).
Super Stock- Wilson Otero (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Boogie Van (Teal).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Cameron Daly 69 Chevy Camaro (Spiderman) (Red).
Feature Race- (5 Pack Matchbox Race) Wilmer Otero Ford Transit Connect.
Lightning Fast 1- Jerry Morelle Black With Flames Camaro #21.
Lightning Fast 2- Wilson Otero (Matchbox) Porsche 928 (Blue/White).
Hot Wheels Mini Monster Truck Race- Pam Morin (El Toro Loco).