Kids Division- Andrue Santos (Hot Wheels) Hyundai Spyder Concept.
A Stock Class- Bill Hicks (Hot Wheels) 65 Mustang Fastback with FTE wheels (Grey).
Rip & Race- Wilfredo Otero (Hot Wheels) Ford Escort (Fast & Furious).
Pro Stock- Cameron Daly (Johnny Lightning) 33 Ford Delivery.
Feature Race- (Six Wheel Race) Jim Leichsenring (Hot Wheels) Kenworth Semi Truck (Out of state mail in).
Hot Wheels Monster Truck- Andrue Santos Crustacean (Red).
Matchbox Stock- Bill Hicks Datsun 280ZX (Black and Yellow).
Sportsman Division- Eddie Stewart (Hot Wheels) Ford NASCAR #94 McDonalds (Out of state mail in).
Stock Eliminator- Cameron Daly (Mattel) Fast & Furious Mustang (White).
Hot Wheels Stock- Wilson Otero Ferrari F40 (Yellow) with 5 spoke wheels.
Super Stock- Cameron Daly (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Spiderman Van (Blue).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Bonnie Daly 69 Chevy Camaro (Spiderman) (White Lightning).
Lightning Fast 1- Zachary Dorr #2 BWF Camaro.
Lightning Fast 2- Tim Daly (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck #22
Mothers Day Race- Bonnie Daly (Hot Wheels) Rally Cat (Green).