Kids Division- Jiselle G. (Hot Wheels) 40’s Woodie (Purple) (First win with club).
Sportsman Division-  Will M. (Hot Wheels) ShoeBox (Yellow with flames) (First win with club).
Feature Race-  (Superhero/Villains Race) Dave A. (Hot Wheels) Starlord Car.
Matchbox Stock- Matt C. Datsun 280 ZX 2+2 (Black) with starburst wheels (Out of state mail in).
Hot Wheels Stock- Matt C. Replica Redline Noodlist (Pink) (Out of state mail in).
Any Brand Diecast- Keith S. (Johnny Lightning) Dodge (Cut Rate Movers) (Out of state mail in).
Forever 64- Jake M. (Gold) 68 Shelby Mustang GT500 (First win in class).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Bill H. 69 Camaro (Yellow) (First win in class).
Hot Wheels Monster Truck Class- Jake M. Mohawk Warrior (Purple edition).
Lightning Fast 1- Keith S. 69 Black With Flames Camaro (Black Bart) (Out of state mail in).
Lightning Fast 2- Cameron D. (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck (Monopoly).
Modified Class- (1/4 Mile Monsters) 0 to 40 Gram Class (Jon Soffa),  41 to 60 Gram Class (Chris Taylor),
61 to 80 Gram Class (Chris Raab), 81 to 100 Gram Class (Chris Raab), 100 and Up Gram Class (Cameron Daly.