Kids Class- Blake H. (Hot Wheels) Twang Thang (Grey and Red) (First time winner with club).
Amateur Class- Jake M. (Hot Wheels) Jaguar XJ220 (Orange).
Feature Race – (Convertible Race) Zachary D. (Johnny Lightning) Chevy C5 Vette (Red).
Matchbox Stock- Bill H. Datsun 280zx (Black).
Hot Wheels Stock- Keith S. Pontiac #44 NASCAR (Out Of State).
Any Brand Diecast- Keith S. (Hot Wheels) King Kenny Bernstein Probe Funny Car (Out Of State).
Forever 64- Dave A. Mach 1 Ford Mustang (Red).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Keith S. 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T (Purple White Lightning) (Out Of State).
Monster Jam- Kyle M. Mohawk Warrior (Purple Edition) (First time win in this class).
Lightning Fast 1- Bill H. Black With Flames Camaro #2.
Lightning Fast 2- Tim D. Johnny Lightning 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T (Purple).
Mothers Day Race- Brenda D. Matchbox Dodge Viper.
Final Run Tow Truck Race- Bill H.
Redlinederby Race- Outlaw Pro Stock Challenge (Traction Event) S10 Hot Wheels Pickup Truck. #36

Racer Of The Month- Keith S. and Bill H. (First for both)