4 Lane Track

Pro Stock- Dave Houle (Hot Wheels) 57 Corvette Convertible (Orange/White).
A Stock- Tom Colantonio (Hot Wheels) Split Decision with FTE Wheels (First win with club).
Rip and Race- Logan Ruszczyk Hot Wheels Roadster Bite.
Feature Race- Al Houle (School/Bus Race) Hot Wheels School Bus (Danger Acid Rock Bus).
Kids Division- Theo Tancinco (Hot Wheels) 2009 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck (Grey with stripes) (First win with club).

2 Lane Track

Hot Wheels Stock- Zachary Dorr Fat Fendered Forty (Teal).
Stock Eliminator- Zachary Dorr (Matchbox) Ford Boss Mustang 1970 #28.
Super Stock- Zachary Dorr (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Boogie Van (White with colored squares).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Zachary Dorr Coke Cola Studebaker Truck (White Lightning).
NASCAR Class- Al Houle (Hot Wheels) Pontiac Grand Prix Daytona 500 #00.
Lightning Fast- Dave Houle (Johnny Lightning) Coke Cola Studebaker Truck (White Lightning)(First win in class).