Kids Class- Max  (Hot Wheels) 97 Corvette (Green) (First win with club) (Four lane track).
Amateur Class- Kendall B. (Hot Wheels) #44 Pontiac Nascar (Four lane track) Racing two lanes (Out of state mail in).
Feature Race- (Dodge pickup truck) Cameron D. Red 1978 Midnight Express pickup truck (Mopar Or No Car box set).
Matchbox Stock- Dave A.  1985 Pontiac Firebird S/E  Halley’s Comet.
Any Brand Diecast- Tom W. (Hot Wheels) Ford Probe Funny Car (Kenny Bernstein King Kenny).
Forever 64- Dave A. 1950 Chevy Suburban (Wal Mart Exclusive) (Blue/White).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Matthew C. Cadillac Escalade (Clue series) (Out of state mail in).
Lightning Fast- Jerry M.  Black With Flames Camaro #17
Monster Jam Race- Zachary D. Son UVA Digger.
Out Of State Shootout- Keith S. (K&O Racing) Purple 1971 R/T Dodge Challenger (Mopar Or No Car).
Redlinederby Wagon Wars Series- Chris (Traction Event) #57 Hot Wheels Jack Hammered.