4 Lane Track

Pro Stock- Dave Houle (Hot Wheels) Corvette convertible (Grey/White) (First win in class).
A Stock- John Oliveira (Hot Wheels) Stockar with FTE Wheels (First win in class).
Rip and Race- Dave Houle (Hot Wheels) Chevy Silverado truck (Green) (Treasure Hunt).
Feature Race- Blake Lopez (Truckin Race) Hot Wheels Dodge Rampage (Black/Red) (First win with club).

2 Lane Track

Hot Wheels Stock- Cameron Daly Land Rover MK11 (Smith Electric).
Stock Eliminator- Zachary Dorr (Matchbox) Datsun 280ZX Black with yellow tampo on one side.
Super Stock- Dave Houle (Tiger Wheels) Police Car (White/Green) (First win in class).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Dave Houle Coke Cola Studebaker Truck (White Lightning) (First win in class).
Lightning Fast- Cameron Daly BWF Camaro #34.