4 Lane Track


Kids Division- Zachary Paquette (Hot Wheels) Prototype-H24 (Blue/Green).
Sportsman Division- Zachary Paquette (Hot Wheels) Symbolic (Grey with FTE Wheels).
Pro Stock- Zachary Paquette (Hot Wheels) Hummer H2 (Quick Trip).
Monster Truck- Andrue Santos (Hot Wheels) Western Renegade.
Stock Eliminator- Bill Hicks (Mattel) Fast & Furious 70 Dodge Charger (Grey).

New 2 Lane Track


A Stock- Logan Ruszczyk (Hot Wheels) Speed Bump with FTE Wheels.
Rip And Race- Nadia Paquette (Hot Wheels) 92 Ford Mustang (Teal) (First win with club).


2 Lane Track


Hot Wheels Stock- Wilmer Otero Dodge Concept Car (Green with flames).
Matchbox Stock- Zachary Dorr Porsche 928 (Red,White, and Blue) #28.
Super Stock- Cameron Daly (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Spiderman Van.
Johnny Lightning Stock- Wilson Otero Dodge Ram Pickup Truck (Green).
Feature Race- (Banger Track Detroit Shootout) Zachary Dorr 2011 Dodge Charger R/T (Blue/White).
Lightning Fast 1- Jerry Morelle Black With Flames Camaro #21.
Lightning Fast 2- Cameron Daly (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck (Monopoly) #8.
Special Hot Wheels Wheelie Chair Race for Tina Pederson- Alex Allred (Grey Wheelie Chair).