Kids Class- Drew (Hot Wheels) Dodge Concept Car (White and Gold) (First win with club).
Amateur Class- Andrue S. (Hot Wheels) MS-T Suzuka (Yellow and Black).
Feature Race- (Emergency/Military Vehicle) Jayden Z. (Hot Wheels) Rescue Ranger (Yellow).
Matchbox Stock- Keith S. Jeep Liberty (Police) (Out Of State mail in).
Hot Wheels Stock- Cameron D. Land Rover (Orange) (Smith Electric).
Any Brand Diecast- Zachary D. (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Amazing Spiderman Van) (Black).
Forever 64- Cameron D. 1970 Dodge Challenger (Black With Flames).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Cameron D. Pontiac GTO (Stars and Stripes series).
Monster Jam Class- Andrue S. ZOMBIE (First win in class).
Special Race- Bill H. (Hot Wheels) Final Run Ambulance Race.
Lightning Fast 1- Tim D. # Black with Flames Camaro.
Lightning Fast 2- Cameron D. # (Johnny Lightning) Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck (Monopoly).
King Of The Hill Third Quarter Winner- Tim D. Black With Flames Camaro #

Racer Of The Month- Cameron Daly (Hot Wheels Stock, Forever 64, Johnny Lightning Stock, Lightning Fast 2).