4 Lane Track


Pro Stock- Logan Ruszczyk (Hot Wheels) Coupe De Ville (Grey/Purple).
Stock Eliminator- Bill Hicks (Mattel) Fast & Furious Maserati (Green).
A Stock- (August Make Up) Cameron Daly (Hot Wheels) Honda Sprocket with FTE Wheels.
A Stock- Wilson Otero (Hot Wheels) Chrysler 300 with FTE Wheels (Grey).
Feature Race- Jim Leichsenring (Emergency/Military vehicle race) Rescue Ranger (Black/Yellow with 5 dot wheels)

2 Lane Track


Matchbox Stock- Cameron Daly  84 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z (White/Blue).
Hot Wheels Stock- Cameron Daly Ford Taurus #99 NASCAR Exide.
Super Stock- Cameron Daly (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Spiderman Van (White Lightning).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Wilson Otero Coca Cola Studebaker Pickup Truck (White Lightning).
Lightning Fast- Jerry Morelle (Johnny Lightning) Black With Flames Camaro #21
Lightning Fast King Of The Hill 3rd quarter winner- Cameron Daly (Johnny Lightning) Black With Flames Camaro (Black Base).