Kids Division- Murdoc Bettencourt (Hot Wheels) Street Weiner (First win with club).
A Stock Class- Jayden Zolli (Hot Wheels) 2005 Ford Mustang with FTE wheels (Red).
Rip & Race- Zachary Paquette (Hot Wheels) Fast Felion (Black/Green with glow in the dark wheels).
Pro Stock- Salli Otero (Fleer) Hummer (Cleveland Cavs).
Feature Race- (Emergency/Military) Jay Zolli (Hot Wheels) Rescue Ranger (Yellow) (First win with club).
Hot Wheels Monster Truck- Johan Otero Grave Digger.
Matchbox Stock- Bill Hicks Nissan 280ZX (Red).
Sportsman Division- Jamie Leatherwood (Hot Wheels) Ford Taurus #94 NASCAR.
Stock Eliminator- Bill Hicks (Mattel) Fast & Furious Mustang (White).
Hot Wheels Stock- Ron Fletcher Pocket Bikester (Red with FTE Wheels).
Super Stock- Zachary Dorr (Hot Wheels) King Kenny F/C.
Johnny Lightning Stock- Cameron Daly 69 Chevy Camaro (Yellow with Black stripes).
Lightning Fast 1- Jerry Morelle BWF Camaro #17.
Lightning Fast 2- Cameron Daly (Johnny Lightning) Spiderman Camaro.
Third quarter king of the hill winner- Zachary Dorr BWF Camaro #2.
Hot Wheels Mini Monster Truck Race- Tim Daly Monster Mutt Rottweiler.