The club has announced that it will be running a brand new race class starting in October 2014 to help raise money for A Wish Come True Inc. The club has a 12ft. Hot Wheels portable track that it will be racing strictly Hot Wheels 1:64th scale Monster Jam Trucks monthly after the Amateur Class is over. Zachary Dorr will be running this special race as it was his idea being that he is such a HUGE fan of these Monster Trucks. The club did some testing in September to make sure this racing was going to work on this type of track. Each truck raced will be $1.00 dollar with all the proceeds going to AWCT each month. The rules will be basic with no modifying, oiling of wheels/axles, the trucks can be loose or in the packaging, No (Track Ace Tires) only knobby tires as the Race Ace Tires are to smooth and will have a definate advantage on the track. This is going to be a very exciting race class for the kids and the adults!!!