Kids Class- Jayden Z. (Hot Wheels) Corvette C6-R (First win with club).
Amateur Class- Andrue S. (Hot Wheels) MS-T Suzuka.
Feature Race- (Hot Wheels Carded Race) Andrue S. 2013 COPO Camaro.
Matchbox Stock- Dave A. 1953 Chevy Vette with #11 on doors.
Hot Wheels Stock- Keith S. RCA Ford Taurus Stock Car with #98 on doors.
Any Brand Diecast- Tim D. (Johnny Lightning) Dodge Van (Coke Cola).
Forever 64- Keith S. Shelby Mustang (Silver).
Johnny Lightning Stock- Zachary D. 69 Camaro (Wal Mart Exclusive Spiderman).
Monster Jam- Kyle M. Dragons Breath.
Lightning Fast 1- Jerry M. #19 BWF Camaro.
Lightning Fast 2- Keith S. (Johnny Lightning) 1970 Dodge Challenger (Purple).
Final Run Mustang Race- Andrue S.
Fathers Day Race- Tom Wright (Hot Wheels) Mach 1 Mustang.
Ken Mowbray Race- Keith S. Johnny Lightning Dodge Daytona (Blue).

Racer Of The Month- Keith S. and Andrue S. (First Time Racer Of The Month Andrue S.)